Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Future of Marketing...

My name is Alice and I'm 16, interning at Harbour Light Strategic Marketing located in Portsmouth, NH. Here I am, writing my first blog post and drinking coffee like a professional.

Q's new friend Alice
By choosing to intern at a marketing company, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was forced to interact with clients and give an expendable opinion on rough drafts for a variety of businesses. They teach you the basics in school if you take the right classes, but all of the work here was new to me. Everything was almost too new, to the point where it was a bit scary.

It takes a lot of observation and understanding to learn something before you're practiced enough to do it on your own. The basics were just enough to start me on my first project in a program I had only heard of yet never tried. With guidance, encouragement, and tough, but necessary, critique, I managed some finished work.

If you're going to work with people, you have to be a people-person. It's important to know as much as you can about both your client and their target audience, and know even more about the customers than they know about themselves. My fascination with the way people think is what got me interested in marketing. To advertise and sell, you have to understand what customers want and use that to tell them what they need. Advertising is just a kind of art form: influential, but for a purpose.

Working here has definitely been a fantastic opportunity and I've enjoyed everything from the scary to the familiar. It's a long way before college, but if I one day choose to dive into the field of strategic marketing and web design, I have Harbour Light to thank for inspiring me, and their dogs for keeping me sane. Although from now on, I'm sticking to tea.

Editor's Note: Alice's original draft contained the following: "Working here with the people at Harbour Light has been the greatest opportunity ever given to me. I've a long way before college, but if I one day choose to dive into the field of strategic marketing and web design, I have them to thank for inspiring me." Apologies are due to her parents and all her teachers, they did the hard work. The only opportunity we ever gave her was self serving (free labor). Our only redeeming quality in the whole internship is that we never made her get us coffee... and really, that was only because I wasn't sure if they would card her.

But seriously, she was great fun to have around, and we hope she'll be back!

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  1. Alice's mom the post. You have no idea how much Alice rambles on and on about her experience with Harbour Light. Who knew marketing would get a teenaged artist so excited? But that is a testament to the way the team at HL gets involved in what they do for their clients. The excitement rubs off on everybody! You did make one definitely should've made her do a little more grunt work. Sending her for coffee might bring her back down to earth. I think I heard her mention she was vying for Ned's job as soon as he retires...LOL


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